​​Rev. Darcelle Runciman

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Celebrations of Life, Coaching


"Darcelle Runciman as our coach has given to us in many ways,  by providing amazing coaching to be able to focus on our goals as well as the ability to search out more avenues to reach them!” C.A

"Thanks for your help Darcelle, this was exactly what I was looking for!” Sandra

Darcelle you have a wonderful caring nature about you with how you assist others. People gravitate to you like a butterfly towards the light. This is a gift that only a few posses! It’s the sign you are a great teacher!” Sherry T.

​Helping those in need


Rev. Darcelle Runciman B.A, B.Msc. offers spiritual and business coaching.

Contact me for more information on services for coaching at www.darcellerunciman.com