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​​Rev. Darcelle Runciman

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The Power of Women United

Contributing author, Darcelle Runciman

Rev. Darcelle Runciman Metaphysical minister and is an internationally recognized facilitator, spiritual guide, and co–author of the Canadian Best seller, The Power of Women United. 

The end of a painful 26-year challenge with endometriosis was the beginning of a new life for Darcelle. A spiritual person from childhood, she left the corporate world to focus on her true passion of helping others.

Darcelle’s psychic ability and interest in spirituality, began to expand over the last 10 years. Her spiritual path has lead to the desire to help assist with finding missing people and helping people live a holistic life through meditation, sound and her PEMF (pulsed eletro magnetic fields) work. 

Rev. Darcelle has interviewed, met and has been inspired by many of the top professionals in the field of spirituality like, Bob Proctor, Don Miguel & Jose Ruiz, Deepak Chopra MD, the late David Simon, Robin Sharma, Dr. Darren Weissman, Debra Poneman, Janet Attwood, John Assaraf, Peggy McColl, Lisa Nichols, Les Hewitt, Jack Canfield, Sonia Choquette, Neil Donald Walsh, Micheal B. Beckwith, Muriel Hemmingway and Cheryl Richardson.

Twice nominated as Business Women of the year, Darcelle achieved her Ordination as a Minister of Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics. 


"Darcelle Runciman as our coach has given to us in many ways,  by providing amazing coaching to be able to focus on our goals as well as the ability to search out more avenues to reach them!” C.A

"Thanks for your help Darcelle, this was exactly what I was looking for!” Sandra

Darcelle you have a wonderful caring nature about you with how you assist others. People gravitate to you like a butterfly towards the light. This is a gift that only a few posses! It’s the sign you are a great teacher!” Sherry T.

Weddings, Baby Namings,

Celebrations of Life, & SPIRITUAL Coaching

Rev. Darcelle Runciman B.A, B.Msc., is an author, reiki master, minister and offers spiritual coaching, and support during the many important events of your life.

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